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Guide to Helmets and Gear worn by UK Motorbike Police

by Gary Cheetham on September 12, 2019

What helmets and safety equipment do UK motorbike police wear? We have created the below infographic to suit as a handy guide to the equipment, helmets and clothing worn by Britain's motorcycle police force, the "Green Angels"

Infographic of the equipment that UK motorcycle police wear and use when riding their motorbikes

The UK police officers wear the traditional black and white or white helmet that is indeed good to look. They are high-end Motorbike helmets manufactured by some of the best companies in this business. Most of the UK police officers will wear an open-faced helmet because it makes it easy for them to take it off as per their need. You can also buy the helmets similar in design to what the UK police officers wear. However, check it out once if it is legal to wear a similar helmet like what the police officers wear in your region.

2020 Airoh Rev19 Flip Helmet

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It is a full-face helmet and is of the flip-up style. The helmet uses advanced technology and designed as a full face as well as an open-faced helmet.
The Airoh Phantom S Flip helmet gives a high and wide field of vision, and this also accommodates an internal sun shield. You can take out and wash the line system placed on the inside. Even with gloves on, you can use the lock button. The 3d injection inner shield is moulded get activated just by the press of a switch. The internal and the external shield gives you protection from the UV rays.

There are many sizes and different colours of the Airoh Phantom S Flip Motorbike helmets. You could also choose one that looks exactly like the UK police helmet.
The Airoh Phantom S Flip helmet is popular because if its aerodynamic shell used in its construction. It makes the helmet durable and protects the wearer well. The field of vision is more significant than what most of the other helmets offer and even when you ride your bike at high speed; the helmet cuts the noise of the wind.

Shoei RJ Platinum-LE Solid White Police Helmet

Buy motorbike helmets from this brand that is known for the quality and class. These are also durable. The Shoei RJ Platinum-LE Solid White Police Helmet does not disappoint you at all. The helmet has a superior quality build in, and it also comes with a 3d liner that makes it comfortable for the wearer to wear the helmet for prolonged hours. There is interior padding that is comfortable and makes it easy to remove and wash. The ventilation system allows airflow, and the chin strap comes with a pad. The helmet also features a range of communication systems.

Whether or not you are a police officer, this motorcycle helmets is one that you would want to wear and ride your motorbike. The outer shell of this helmet is sturdy, and the padding gives you comfort.

Do you want to buy motorbike helmets UK similar to what the UK police officers wear?

Many different brands sell motorcycle helmets similar in design to that worn by the UK police officers. However, it would help if you were ready to pay a reasonable amount to buy motorcycle helmets UK because the helmet price is going to pinch your pocket. So purchase it only if you are sure that you want to buy one.
On the other hand, when you buy motorbike helmets and adore the police helmet, you will be able to flaunt a sharp look, and you are sure to stand out in the crowd. Before you buy a police helmet, understand its pros and cons and then buy one. Once you buy motorbike helmets UK, your purchases do not end here. You also need to ensure that you have the motorbike equipment that is required to ride your bike safely.

Safety gears to ride your motorcycle

You must wear the right clothes when you ride your motorbike. It is irrelevant whether you are riding a racing bike or a moped; a single crash could become dangerous. It is thus vital that you buy motorcycle helmets UK and the safety equipment needed to ride your motorbike.

Visors and goggles

A goggle or a visor will help in protecting your eyes from the rain, wind, dirt and insects. The visor must follow the standards as laid down by the government. The visor and goggles should be clean so that you can see the road without any disturbance.


The clothing that you wear will protect you from the weather. If you get cold when you are riding your motorbike, then it will not let you concentrate and could lead to accidents. Your clothing also gives you protection in case you happen to fall from the bike.
The motorcycle clothing can be made of some man-made materials or from leather. Leather is good for better protection and offers resistance from the wind. The nylon and other human-made materials give you protection in all weather.
Whatever you choose to wear, make sure that the clothing gives extra protection to your knees, elbows and shoulders. First, try out the different types of apparel to understand what fits you well and offers comfort.


Your hands need protection too when you are riding your bike. You will need to invest in a pair of gloves for this. Never ride your motorcycle without gloves because it could injure your hand if you happen to fall off your bike. Also, the gloves keep your hands warm. If your hands are cold, then you will not be able to ride comfortably.
The best material for gloves is leather because it is water-resistant, supple and sturdy. Make sure that you do not compromise on the quality of the gloves by choosing the cheap variants.


Wear boots of good quality when you are riding your motorcycle. Do not ride your motorbike wearing trainers or sandals because it does not give you any protection. The boots will protect your feet from the wet and cold weather or if you happen to fall off your bike. It also saves you from bumps and knocks when you are riding your bike.
The boots could be of plastic, rubber or leather. However, among the three, leather gives the best protection. The boot should be comfortable to wear and should let you operate the foot controls with ease. You may want to try out many boots to see what fits you best and fits well within your budget.