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How safe are open face Motorcycle Helmets?

by Tony Walker on December 07, 2019

The idea of wearing an open face helmet is to enjoy the wind blowing past your face when you are riding your motorcycle. It feels cooler when you ride your motorbike with an open face helmet.

Riding a motorbike gives most a sense of freedom and an open face Motorbike helmets does complete justice to this want of the riders. The open face helmets design uses quality materials like fibre and carbon. These materials do not break on its own.

The only concern that most have when purchasing an open face helmet is that since the maximum part of the face is open, there is a high chance of injury.

Are the open face helmets safe?

There has been a big debate on how safe the open face helmets are. Most of them will tell you that the way a rider rides his bike is something that is a significant concern and the choice of a helmet design does not matter. It is because the helmet is just a hardware piece.

Even though this sounds true and you cannot deny the fact that the way the rider rides his motorcycle determines his probability of meeting with a fatal accident. To buy motorbike helmets and the benefits that the helmets offer cannot get ignored. It is possible that even if you are very careful about the way you ride your bike, you are prone to accidents.

Why should you buy motorcycle helmets UK that is an open face helmet over a full-face helmet

You will come across situations where the rider has told you that he would have been better wearing an open face Motorbike helmet is preferred rather than a full-face helmet. The full-face helmet offers reduced visibility, and the idea of riding your bike all covered up does not appease to many.

Dangers of wearing an open face helmet

  • The open face helmets are designed to give optimum comfort to the rider. However, because of the large portion of the face that stays open when one is riding a motorbike, it increases the rider’s exposure to danger.
  • A negative thing about the open face helmet is that it does not protect the rider from dust, smoke, and insects that may fly towards him when he is riding his bike. It is dangerous because the foreign elements cause discomfort when the rider is riding his bike, and this could cause accidents.
  • If one were wearing a full-face helmet, then he would have to drop the shield on the face and ride on comfortably. The open-face helmet users also face difficulty when they ride in the rainy or the chilly winter weather. It may tempt you by the idea of feeling the air on your face when you are riding your bike. However, when the rainwater starts to pour on your face and disturbs your ride, it is then you would regret not having bought a full-face helmet.
  • On the safety front that the open face motorcycle helmets offer to the rider, getting out of an accident is indeed solely about your luck. No hardware is going to save you on this. However, still, open face helmets may not be an excellent choice to get you safely out of an accident.
  • In case you are an unfortunate one who got involved in an accident, and you hit face-first on the pavement, then you would suffer from some serious injuries because you were wearing an open face helmet. The injury could be lesser if you were wearing a full-face helmet.

Who should not wear the open face helmet?

Open face helmet is not for those who are just starting to ride a motorbike. If you are a novice motorbike rider and want to buy a motorbike helmet, then understand that this may not be the best option for you. You should first start with a full-face helmet and get a good experience of riding the motorcycle and then you may want to move to an open face helmet.

You are the best judge to decide whether or not your riding style makes open face motorcycle helmets suitable for you. If you are one who occasionally cruises at a safe speed, then to buy a motorbike helmet could be excellent for you. However, if you find yourself speeding, then an open face helmet is not your choice of gear

If you go on long rides on your motorbike, then it can be uncomfortable to wear a full-face helmet for prolonged hours. However, again, it would help if you decided the helmet design choice based on the road conditions.

Lastly, ask yourself if you would feel comfortable riding your bike when the rainwater splashes on your face or when the cold winter wind hits your face? You can buy motorcycle helmets UK accordingly.

The verdict

Though not a big fan of an open face helmet, there are some advantages to buy motorbike helmets that are open-faced. The airflow on a hot day is welcoming. It also allows for better communication as compared to a full-face helmet. You get a wide-angle of sight when you wear an open face helmet.

The sense of coolness when riding a bike should not get priority over the cost of being safe. Road accident’s because of motorbikes is common, and even if you are riding carefully, you are still not safe from road accidents. Pay close attention to the type of helmet that you choose. The right gear can save your life.

The open face helmets are safer than not wearing any helmet at all. However, they may not be as safe as wearing a full-face helmet.

Riders wear an open face helmet to get a balance of safety and freedom. However, are they safe? The chin area of an open face helmet is likely to get hit by the ground when the rider falls from his bike and he is not protected when he wears an open face helmet. On the other hand, if he has worn a full-face helmet, then his chin would have been saved.