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What materials are motorbike helmets made of?

by Tony Walker on December 13, 2019

The materials that are used today for Motorbike helmets are such that it ensures the safety of the wearer and is as per the latest technology. Motorcycle helmets are lightweight, which makes it comfortable to wear. It also gives protection so that it cushions the skull of the user. In case there is a collision, helmets provide you with safety when you ride a motorcycle, and it is vital that you do not purchase a helmet lightly. Do your research well and then determine the materials to buy motorbike helmets.

The helmet material

The materials used in the Motorbike helmets get chosen with much care. The material used could be different for each helmet based on what the manufacturer wants the helmet to display in case of a crash. It is vital that whatever be the material of the helmet can take the force of the impact, and it disperses the kinetic energy because the brunt gets to the skull of the wearer.

Motorcycle crashes can happen at varying speeds, and there could be an impact with many kinds of objects. Thus the material of the helmet must be chosen with much care so that the wearer is protected whatever be the situation.

Primary materials used in the helmet

The common materials that the motorcycle helmets are made up of are:

  • Plastic
  • Kevlar
  • Carbon fibre
  • Fibreglass

Plastic helmets are the most common of the variety

The kind of plastic used in the outer shell of the helmet is designed to meet the situations of trauma. The plastic material is hard but not very dense. If the helmet is heavy, then the wearer will not be able to put it on for a prolonged period. Thus special care is taken to choose a plastic material that offers a balance between weight and strength.

Thermoplastic is a kind of hot plastic, moulded so that it takes the shape of the shell of a helmet. The shell of thermoplastic is of plastic of a soft kind which is known as polycarbonate shell. Much work goes in the motorcycle helmets made using this material.

Fibreglass gives it extra flexibility.

The motorcycle helmets of the premium variety are built to offer more flexibility. The outer shell of these helmets is laminated using fibreglass. The design is such that the helmet soaks up the maximum impact in case of a crash. Fibreglass is prone to shatters and cracks as compared to the plastic helmets. It is the property of slight brittleness that lets the helmet absorbs as much shock as possible.

Fibreglass helmets are a combination of flexibility and hardness. The motorcycle enthusiasts prefer helmets made up of fibreglass. Fibreglass is light in weight, and thus the wearer does not feel any discomfort even when he is going on long rides.

It is hard to make a fibreglass helmet because the material has to go through various processes before it gets moulded into the desired shape. Once in the desired shape, the helmet gets lightweight. If you happen to drop this helmet, it breaks.

Materials used in the interior of the helmet

After the exterior shell comes to the thick layer beneath which is made up of foam padding. The foam is pretty similar to the ones used in the crunch zones of the automobiles today. The foam is sturdy in a reasonable condition. However, the design of the foam is to crush in case of an impact and thus, the foam will not be able to resist the blow. When the foam gets crunched, it absorbs some of the impact and does not let the force to be transferred to the skull of the wearer.

Some helmets use just a single foam layer on the inside. However, a better quality of helmet will make use of extra polystyrene foam layers to make the helmet safer. The foam is placed in different parts of the helmet and not in one single place. It helps to make the layer more effective and ensures excellent protection to the wearer.


Materials used in racing helmets

Exotic helmet materials get used if the helmet is for racing or some other kind of high-performance activity. Woven Kevlar, as well as carbon fibre, are the popular materials used in helmets for adventurous activities. Take care to understand that these materials are durable, but they are not for daily use. The impact that these helmets offer is more significant than what a typical helmet will be able to withstand. Also, because of the sturdiness and the high-quality materials used, to buy motorbike helmets comes with an extra cost.

The Kevlar and carbon material is made using the same process as fibreglass. The material used is different. Kevlar is durable. It is bulletproof and keeps the wearer protected. Kevlar and carbon are mixed to give the perfect shape to the helmet.

The brand is important

Now you are aware of the possible materials used in making the motorcycle helmets. You also need to ensure that you buy motorbike helmets UK from a reputed brand. It should be a brand that you trust.

The branded helmets are also the approved helmets. If you end up buying a helmet not recommended, then even if it is cheap, you will not get the desired protection when you wear the helmet. The approved helmets to buy motorcycle helmets UK go through many tests before they get to customers.

The helmets that you see on sale online may price very competitively. However, if they have not passed the safety norms, then it could be dangerous to buy motorcycle helmets UK. So make sure that you buy your helmet from a reputed dealer only.


It is essential to understand that whatever helmet materials you choose wearing a helmet when riding your motorcycle is vital and should not be ignored or taken lightly. Any helmet is better than not wearing a helmet at all. Buy motorbike helmets UK that is affordable and comfortable to wear and for your safety.