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Motorbike helmets intercoms - What are they and how do they work?

by Tony Walker on November 15, 2019

Motorcycle helmets intercoms are popular because of the safety and convenience that it offers. It lets the ride have an enhanced focus in driving that is important for safe riding. The helmet intercom is beneficial when riding in a group because it makes the first rider to warn the motorists who are following him. There is also no need to stop in the middle of the road to discuss the route with others. Intercoms are gadgets that all motorbike riders should invest into because it gives them control over their travel.


Most of the motorcycle riders want to spend some time alone, and thus they take their motorbike and go on a ride. There is still a need to have some form of communication. Get help with navigation and also enjoy some music when riding a bike. Buy motorbike helmets with intercom that comes to the rescue of the rider.


It now makes sense, and one would agree to buy motorbike helmets with intercom which is a necessary gear that every rider should have. However, now comes the confusing part, which is to decide which the best motorbike helmet intercom to buy is. There is a wide choice in the market, but the confusion can be solved when you go through the guide on what kinds of motorbike helmet intercoms are available and how they work. It can let you make an informed purchase.


There are various kinds of motorcycle helmet intercoms available in the market. It would help if you were clear on why there is a difference in price, and this will let you decide on which one you should choose.


The wireless intercom technology

It is the most complex of the techniques because it uses various radio technologies like FRS, GMRS, Bluetooth, and FM. Other intercoms use other methods of technologies to have an extended range.


The frequency modulation of FM is like the FM radio, but the motorcycle helmet intercom uses a narrow range. It ensures that the rider can enjoy a more precise sound in a shorter distance and there is no disturbance between the receiver and the transmitter.


The GMRS and the FRS are similar to a walkie-talkie, and the only difference between them is the range. Those motorcycle helmets that use FRS can work efficiently if the system is within two miles, and there is not much obstruction. The GMRS is for long-distance travel. The only issue with the GMRS and FMS frequency is that because both of them are public frequencies, there is a risk that someone else may hear you or you may hear someone else’s conversation. It is the common areas that are populated, and thus, this method should not be used to discuss anything privately.


Bluetooth undoubtedly is today the most popular choice of technology used in motorcycle helmets intercoms. It lets one have private chats. It is efficient and can reach to hundreds of feet. You will need to pair your Bluetooth with the Bluetooth of the person you wish to connect.


The function is similar to how you use this tool in your smartphone. Bluetooth wireless intercom is meant only for short-distance communication. Here since the riders will mostly be close to each other, it will work efficiently.


Bluetooth features connect to your smartphone, your music player, or GPS. It thus offers various features which open up many options for you. The Bluetooth feature lets the rider to navigate, take and make calls and listen to music without the use of his hands.


Wired Motorcycle Intercom

The wireless Motorbike helmets intercoms are popular, and thus the wired intercoms are not used anymore. The wireless option is practical and offers more comfort than its wired counterpart. The only advantage of the wired system is that any external interference does not affect the system of the wire just as it may affect the wireless network. Also, the wired systems are not at all expensive.


Factors to consider to buy motorcycle helmets UK intercom

The list of features of this gear can get you all confused. It is why when buying helmet intercom make sure that you research about it to be clear about what you want. Here are some factors that you should research on before buying the motorcycle helmet intercom.


  • Controls – Choose to buy motorcycle helmets UK intercoms that offer controls that you can understand. The features that it provides to you should be something that you plan to use. It would help if you made sure that you can touch the controls while you wear your gloves.


  • Music and voice quality – The Motorbike helmets intercoms will not offer you high-end quality sound because it is primarily designed to help with communication. You may still want to research on some brands that are the best among the rest.
  • GPS Capability – GPS navigation is essential for all bike riders, so make sure that the intercom has one. It is better if it is equipped with voice instructions to make the navigation more comfortable for you.

Smartphone Connection – A wireless motorcycle helmet intercom should let you make calls with ease. Smartphone connectivity is crucial, and this allows you to take and make calls hands free.

  • Apart from the above features, you also need to check if the intercom is waterproof, has a push to take switch feature and voice activation to buy motorbike helmets UK intercom. It should also help to reduce noise. It should have a built-in FM system.



If you know what your preferences and your needs are then, it will not be challenging to narrow down to buy motorbike helmets UK intercom. You, however, have to spend some time to research the various options available. What you pay for is what you get. Also, make sure that you read the reviews online to understand which motorbike helmet intercom is the best suited for you.