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Safety stats for motorbike helmets - How many lives do motorcycle helmets save

by Tony Walker on November 14, 2019

Not wearing a helmet when riding a bike can kill you. Thanks to strict laws in various states that makes it mandatory for the rider to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Helmets do save lives, as per data. In the year 2012 in the state of Pennsylvania alone 39 people died because of a motorcycle accident. Their lives could get saved if they wore a helmet.


Motorcycle helmet laws

The law of wearing a motorbike helmet varies from one state to another. The penalties range from one country to another. Many though believe that if people are forced to wear a helmet, then it does not give them the freedom to choose. Enforcing the law is not just difficult but also costly. However, many cities in the UK feel that if there were strict laws, then this could save the number of those who get killed in motorcycle accidents every year. Unlike an injury in the leg and hand which gets treated, an injury on the head could result either in lifelong disability or also in death.


Motorcycle ride deaths have decreased in the UK because of wearing helmets

A report got released by the department of transport in England. Even with more number of motorbikes on the road, the number of deaths declined. In the year 2017, the number of deaths was down by 13 percent despite an increase in motorcycle traffic. The number of fatal mishaps was down from 365 to 319. The statistic is from across the United Kingdom.

Britain has the best road safety rules in the world. However, there is still a need to offer education to the motorbike riders to reduce the fatalities in motorbike accidents further.


Benefits of wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle

Bikers would spend a considerable amount to buy the motorbike. Still, when it comes to purchasing motorbike helmets in the UK, they do not want to pay such a high price for the gear. Nowadays the cost isn't always considerable, with many cheap motorbike helmets on the market. They fail to understand the price that they may have to pay in case they got involved in a severe accident on the road when riding their bike. A biker should know that the benefits of wearing a motorcycle helmet outweigh the amount that he pays to buy the helmet.

  • Buy motorbike helmets because the helmet reduces the noise of the wind that blows in the rider’s eyes and face.
  • A helmet protects the rider from all kinds of weather. The visor helps to cut the glare of the sun. The head of the wearer stays dry in the case of a storm.
  • The motorcycle helmet protects the eye from dirt and debris that flies when one is riding the bike.
  • As per statistics, the motorcycle riders who do not wear helmets suffer more severe injuries in case of an accident as compared to one who has worn the helmet.

Motorcycles are a dangerous form of transport because they are less stable and less visible than cars. The motorbikes come with high-performance capabilities. A motorcycle crash does not give the rider any protective layer as given to those who ride a closed vehicle like a car. It thus leads to head injuries which are also a significant fatality concern. The helmet is as important as the bike keys. In England, it is essential that you buy motorbike helmets UK and wear one that meets the safety standards as laid down by the British government.

UK motorcycle helmet standards

The following are the standard that the motorcycle helmets in the UK should have which you should know before you buy.

  • It should have the BSI Kitemark and the British Standard BS 6658:1985.
  • It should come with the UNECE Regulation 22.05.


 Wearing a motorcycle helmet is something that is given in the UK because when you ride your bike, you will have to protect yourself. However, in the earlier days, the UK laws did not make it mandatory for the motorcycle riders to buy and wear one. It was uncommon to see one with a helmet on the head when riding a motorbike in the earlier days.


It led to concerns about injuries on the head. There was a need to pass the law to wear helmets when riding a bike on the road. It thus became mandatory to wear a helmet.

The results in states based on the helmet laws

Helmets were effective in reducing injury. Medical charges as well the number of head, face and brain injuries were low in states that had a strict law on wearing helmets. Those states that just had a partial law on wearing helmets saw several injuries on the head and face, and there were also cases of traumatic injuries on the brain that got reported.


Why do riders still not wear helmets?

Even though people understand the benefit of wearing a helmet when riding their motorcycle on the road, there are still some who do not buy motorcycle helmets UK and wear it.

People complain of the following and give the below reasons for not wearing a helmet. 

  • It made them look bad.
  • It blocked their hearing and vision.
  • It gave them helmet hair.
  • It did not help when they skid at high speed.
  • They did not feel free.

These statements seem to be quite shocking. It was disheartening to see that such lame excuses prevented people from buying motorbike helmets and ensuring their safety. The reason for not wearing a helmet is not strong enough. If you are one who avoids wearing a motorcycle helmet when riding your bike on the road, then the choice is all yours.

Wearing a helmet when you ride your bike does not guarantee your life in case of a crash. However, it increases your chance to live. Many bikers get saved from an accident only because they buy motorbike helmets and had their helmet on. The idea is as simple as whether or not to put on your seat belt when in a car. Wearing a helmet prevents you and betters your chance to live in the case of worst scenarios. You need to ask yourself whether you want to take this risk of not wearing a helmet and putting your life in danger.