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What helmets do famous motorbike racers use?

by Tony Walker on November 16, 2019


You are finally into motorbike racing, and this may be the best decision that you have made to experience the joy of riding a motorcycle. The activity of riding your bike on the tracks is addictive and fun, and it is also a great way to improve your motorbike riding skill. However, before you hit the track, make sure that you have your gears ready. Of all the equipment, the most critical that you need to ride your bike is your helmet. So buy motorcycle helmets UK without delay.


Features that you should look for in a racing motorbike helmet

If you want to take part in a motorcycle race that is organized by some official organization, then you will have to pay attention to the safety requirements that the organization desires. You will have to get the gears as suggested by the organization. The motorcycle helmets are rated, and you need to be aware of these ratings to understand which helmet is the safest for you and to buy motorbike helmets UK. Also makes use of the advanced features.

The rating let you be clear on the helmets that are suitable to be worn on a racing track and that which will offer you the maximum protection.


It would help if you had a proper Motorbike helmets to ride your motorbike on the track. An excellent helmet to ride on the track should be full face and should also feature a double D-ring closure. It is also vital that when you buy motorbike helmets it meets the safety guidelines as set by the federal. Make sure that you contact the local track organization to understand the regulation for motorbike racing helmets. Here is a list of a few racing helmets that will surely pass the inspection and they are safe to use on the tracks.


AGV Corsa R Adult Racing Helmet

The Motorbike helmets are one of the best that is used by motorcycle racers even though its price is slightly higher. The helmet is made up of carbon fibres, and this gives it an extra layer of protection from an impact. The helmet is also lightweight making it easy to wear for hours. The lightness of the helmet makes it easy for the racer because he does not feel the pressure on the neck and head when he is racing on the bike. A heavy helmet could distract the racer and could impact their judgement as well.

The helmet also has a ventilation system that gets integrated into it, and it comes with ducts that are extra wide so that the air inside is fresh and it is comfortable for the wearer to use it for long hours. There are breathable fabrics on the inside of the helmet. It is treated well and sanitized so that the interior does not become home to the bacteria and other organisms to breed. The visor of this racing helmet is made using polycarbonate of a high quality that is resistant to scratch, and it is also apparent. The visor is also free from the impact of the damage. The visor gets built with a quick-release system that lets you swap the visors in seconds.


 Arai Corsair

The Arai brand is famous among the professional racers, and this is one of the best to buy motorcycle helmets UK. The full-face motorcycle helmets are made taking care that all the safety standards get met.


The helmet shell has a continuous curve radius which makes the helmet disperse the kinetic energy better and minimizes the chances of the helmet to catch on any rough substance. It thus prevents any rotational force that is unwanted.

The Aria helmet has an inner liner and an exterior shell made of polycarbonate. The fit, ventilation and the aerodynamic changes are a bit different in this racing helmet. It would help if you made some micro arrangements in the helmet to get the perfect fit that you desire.

Every helmet from this brand made by technicians who train for years, and they handmade these helmets themselves.

Scorpion EXO-AT950 Modular Racing Motorcycle Helmet

For better impact protection and if you are serious about your motorcycle racing career, then buy motorbike helmets UK which is the right helmet for you. Even if you want to race for a hobby or want to ride your bike just for fun, you cannot make a wrong decision when you buy the Scorpion EXO-AT950 Modular Racing Motorcycle Helmet. The model is affordable, but the quality is not compromised. Polycarbonate is used to make the shell of this helmet and this, in turn, makes the racing helmet sturdy and light.

The Scorpion EXO-AT950 Modular Racing Motorcycle Helmet designed with a visor that is extra wide and the eye-port of the screen is also of an oversize. It lets you get a correct assessment of the road situation when you are racing. If you wish to use the shield along with goggles, then you can remove the protection and the visor. It makes it a very versatile option to use in all kinds of scenarios.

The ventilation in the bike helmet is a little low as compared to the other helmet brands, but it nevertheless does an excellent job if you want to wear the helmet only for a couple of hours. The racing helmet is available in different sizes, and you also have a wide colour option that you can choose. The helmet is a complete value for money racing helmets.



It is a great experience to ride your motorbike on the track and at such high speed. The experience is rewarding and fun. However, it is also essential that you do not take your safety lightly and make sure that you protect your body well to save it from damage or any accident. It is non-negotiable when it comes to having sturdy and robust motorcycle helmets if you want to be a part of an official motorbike racing community. So it is crucial that you get the appropriate gears for the race. To buy motorbike helmets is an investment that you make for your safety and to jump in leaps and bounds in your racing career.