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What is a flip-up motorbike helmet?

by Tony Walker on December 20, 2019

A flip-up helmet is also known as a modular helmet. The helmet design lies somewhere in between the open face and full-face helmet. The flip-up helmet has a chin bar that can get removed, and this is what gives it its unique design. You can buy motorbike helmets with the chin bar and transform the helmet to a full-face helmet. You need to press a button and use your hand to change the helmet to an open face helmet. So you get to choose how you would like to wear your flip-up motorcycle helmet.

Basically a modular helmet is a mix of the full-face helmet and a ¾ helmet. It is because the visor and the chin bar can be flipped up on the helmet front. The material and the design of the flip-up helmet is fitted which is almost similar to a full-face helmet. There is a visor to protect the eye, and there is also a secondary visor that gives extra protection from sunlight.

Because of extra design and the binge features the modular Motorbike helmets are slightly bulky than the full-face helmets that are worn traditionally. The hinge structure may somewhat compromise with the safety of the rider. The full-face helmet gives a uniform entity, but the flip-up helmet has a slight fissure. However, the flip-up helmet offers better protection as compared to a ½ or a ¾ helmet because of the add-on chin protection that it provides.

The modular Motorbike helmets are in demand among the cruisers and those who want to ride adventure bikes. It is because the modern helmet design lets it be in the upright position. The chin bar sits on the lower part of the face, and the eye-opening is straightforward. The flip-up helmet also may come with addition for Bluetooth speakers. It has a dual visor and anti-fogging coating in the original screen.

What should you know about the flip-up helmet?

Here is what you need to be aware of to ensure safety when you are using the flip-up helmet. In a closed position, the chin bar will offer a similar degree of protection as a full-face helmet gives. The buckles, the clasps and the licks of the helmet are tested, and they will not open under any circumstances. The flip-up helmets have approval in the closed as well as open positions.

All the reputed flip-up motorcycle helmets come with an open face helmet certification to confirm that they have passed the test. The approval is known as the dual homologation approval. To make sure that the flip-up helmet that you have purchased has the approval, peep into the inside of the helmet and check out for a P letter label. If you can spot the letter P, then this means that the helmet is approved to use as a full-face helmet. Does the helmet have a label J inside? Then the helmet is certified as an open-faced helmet.

There are also some ingenious designs of flip-up motorcycle helmets that allow you to move the chin bar from the frontal side to the backside. The chin bar falls to the back and looks like it was a part of the helmet design. The design lets the wearer wear the helmet comfortable without getting bothered about the chin bar touching the face. In the traditional flip-up helmet, the chin bar will stand in an upright position.

Advantages to buy motorcycle helmets UK with a flip-up design

  • The flip-up helmet will give you similar benefits as that of a full-face helmet.
  • It is easy to open the mask when you are taking a break or when you are filling fuel.
  • It is easy to use this helmet as compared to a full-face helmet because it lets you communicate easily.

Disadvantages of a flip-up helmet

  • The helmet could be heavier than a full-face helmet.
  • The compactness of the helmet is less than the full-face helmet.
  • If you ride the helmet with the chin open, then you may at times find it uncomfortable.

Is the motorcycle helmet right for you?

Whether you ride your bike to commute to work daily or to seek pleasure from it, it is crucial that you buy motorbike helmets and some equipment for riding gear before you take your bike out on the road. Negligence could cause you injuries, and thus you need to make sure that you get the gears that are essential to protect your body. You must have done lots of research before you bought your bike. It is equally important that you spend some time and find out about the best helmet suited for you.

The motorcycle helmets get designed differently and thus you should not use your regular helmet when you are riding your motorbike. The bike helmet comes with protection for your chin, and they are also more round in shape. You could choose from a full face, dual-sport, half shell, modular or an open face helmet.

With so many helmet options available in different designs and made of different materials, it is unlikely that you will not find something as per your taste.

Understand what your requirements are

To narrow down the design and buy motorbike helmets UK you need to first be clear on what you will be using the helmet. If you plan to ride your bike for everyday commute to work or if you plan to go on weekend trips on your motorbike then you will have to choose the high-end helmets that are comfortable and offers better dynamics. They also reduce the noise of the wind. If you want to travel long distances in your bike, then buy motorcycle helmets UK that is versatile and offers comfort so that you can wear it for long hours.

If you are riding the bike with a group, then the critical thing that you need to look to buy motorbike helmets UK is communication provision in the helmet. The flip-up helmet is a perfect choice here. You can install the blue tooth system and be in constant touch with your group.