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What is a full face motorbike helmet?

by Tony Walker on December 27, 2019

Full faced helmets are, without a doubt the best helmet design that ensures the safety of the rider when he is riding his motorbike. The entire helmet covers the face, and the piece is made into a single item that leaves no hinges of weak points.

For those who want to go on a long ride or even for those who have just started to ride a motorbike, there can be no better design than to choose a full-face helmet and buy motorbike helmets. It gives you protection even when you are riding your motorcycle at high speed. The equipment fits snugly on your head and is comfortable to wear for long hours. The full-face helmets get designed such that they are light in weight that does not let the wearer feel uncomfortable because of the extra weight.

The other reason why full-face Motorbike helmets are in demand is that it protects the rider from dust and rain. However, that does not mean that it suffocates the rider. The helmet has plenty of vents that let the air to flow in and out smoothly, thus keeping the rider fresh at all times.

The design of the full-face helmet

The full-face Motorbike helmets give you better security if you are looking for protection and coverage. They are the best in terms of coverage as compared to any other helmet design. Since the entire face is covered, it protects you from any flying rocks or insects when you are riding your motorcycle. It has a face shield as well that protects the rider from the sun. The face shield can be moved up, and it depends on how much air the rider wants on his face. There are many styles and colours of full-face helmets that you can choose.

Advantages of full-face helmets

Here are a few benefits of a full-face helmet.

  • Buy motorbike helmets UK full face because it gives extra protection to your face and chin. The additional protection that the full-face helmet gives to your chin and face area makes it highly in demand. The visors are also durable and prevent you from injuries.
  • The full-face motorcycle helmets worn in all seasons, and that protects your face from the harsh external climate. It protects the rider from sun, rain, noise, and wind as well as any foreign elements.
  • The visor lets you ride your bike, and you do not need an extra protective glass when you are wearing the full-face helmet. You do not need an extra glass to protect your eyes if you wear a full-face helmet. You also do not need a sunglass because most of the visors of the full-face helmet are tinted.
  • As per statistics, the full-face motorcycle helmets are much safer than any other helmet design available in the market. It also comes with features that make it is the most desired helmet variety in the market.
  • It offers comfort to those who do not like the wind hitting on their face when riding a bike. Some people cannot focus well when the wind hits them on the eyes. It is also beneficial for those who wear corrective glasses because the constant blow of the wind disrupts their ride.
  • The full-face helmet fits snuggly in the face, and this keeps your head from bouncing. It does not fall off even if you had an accident. Also though the full-face helmet is snug, it is not very tight to make you feel uncomfortable on a ride.
  • The wind noise could be distracting for some, and the full-face helmet offers a noise reduction technology. Riders vouch on the fact that they feel less disturbance when they ride their bike wearing a full-face helmet because it insulates them from the environment outside. They thus buy motorbike helmets UK full-face helmet.
  • There is absolutely no comparison between the open face and the full-face helmet if you talk about safety. A full-face helmet gives the rider complete protection in case there was an accident. The full-face helmet saves the riders chin as well as the eyes because they get shielded.
  • Celebrities like to wear the full-face helmet because it does not reveal their identity.

Disadvantages of full-face helmets

Here are some problems with wearing a full-face helmet when you are driving your bike. So buy motorcycle helmets UK considering these points.

  • The concern here would be that if one is wearing a full-face helmet and then meets with an accident, then it can be challenging to remove the helmet after a crash. Even with this drawback, the full-face helmet is still a better option that open face helmet when it comes to safety.
  • There is a lack of visibility in this design of the helmet, especially when someone enters the blind spot. There is no blind spot when you wear an open face helmet. So you can buy motorbike helmets accordingly.
  • Many riders complain of claustrophobia and isolation when they wear the full-face helmet. It makes you feel less free.
  • The airflow could be limited, making you feel hot and humid in the summer months. It thus could make you feel exhausted when you are riding for long distances on a hot day. Again this is a personal choice that you need to make whether you want comfort over safety.
  • You may be asked to remove your full-face helmet in the service stations especially if your full-face helmet has a tinted visor. It is to make sure that the camera captures your face. You will not have to fill gas every minute, and thus it is up to you to decide whether removing your helmet at the gas station is a disadvantage.
It makes it difficult for you to talk to your riding colleague when you are wearing a full-face helmet. It also restricts you from hearing the traffic sounds and horns. You may, however, invest in a motorcycle helmet intercom that makes it easy for you to communicate with the companion rider. Consider these before you buy motorcycle helmets UK.