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What is an offroad motorbike helmet?

by Tony Walker on January 03, 2020

You have purchased a dirt bike, and now you want to set off on that off-road expedition. However, wait! You will first have to buy an offroad motorbike helmet.

Riding your dirt bike is exciting, but there are risks involved. There could be an accident, and this is more common when you are riding your dirt bike. Thus it is essential that you make sure that you buy motorbike helmets and invest in a good quality offroad helmet.

The offroad Motorbike helmets protect the most vital part of your body, which is the brain. It would help if you did as much research about buying the helmet as you did to buy your bike. The offroad bike helmets look different as compared to the conventional motorbike helmets.

The design of the offroad motorbike helmet

The offroad bike Motorbike helmets come with extra protection for the chin, and it protects the rider from the risk of injury. The helmet is also designed to keep the rider cool. Whether you have just started to ride a dirt bike or have been doing it since ages, you cannot do without a well-designed offroad helmet.

Now that you understand the importance to buy motorbike helmets UK for offroad use for your dirt bike, you also need to know how to choose the perfect one for you. If this is the first time that you are looking to by an offroad helmet, then you may not be clear on the things that you should look out to buy motorcycle helmets UK. Here are some things that you need to consider before you buy motorbike helmets and make your offroad motorcycle helmet purchase.

Why do you need to wear an offroad motorcycle helmet?

Helmets are essential gear when you ride your bike, and here is why you need to buy motorcycle helmets UK.

  • A helmet protects your brain and your head, and this is the first reason why you should wear an offroad helmet when you are riding your dirt bike. As per statistics, the riders who put on a helmet reduce chances of injuries on the head. 
  • As per law, you should wear the offroad motorbike helmet. It is a traffic law, and you are expected to follow it. So buy motorbike helmets UK today.
  • If you are a parent and love to ride your dirt bike then wearing the offroad motorbike helmet lets your children learn a lot from you. You set an example for your kids. If your children see that you wear a helmet whenever you ride the dirt bike, then they will do so too in the future.

The offroad motorbike helmets and why you cannot do without it

When you ride your dirt bike off the road, then you will mostly be riding it at a slower speed than when you ride on the street. You get engaged with your motorcycle. If you wear a light helmet that gives you better ventilation that it will let you stay cool and you will feel less tired.

The offroad motorcycle helmets are designed to address all the factors of a good helmet.  The helmet is lighter than any other helmet, and most of them come with large vents and air channels that cut into EPS layers that promote the flow of air and dust without any additional weight. The offroad motorbike helmets come with an eye-port and thus let you wear your goggle which fits into it perfectly. The visor also helps you to protect your eyes from the sun.

A few of the not so good points about the offroad motorcycle helmets are that they offer less protection from cold and rain and they are also very loud because there is nothing in it to lessen the noise in the road. When the bike rides at high speed, then the peak catches air and starts to pull the head of the rider.

How much should you spend on an offroad motorbike helmet?

The amount of money that you will spend on an offroad helmet will be lesser than the amount of pain and money that you will have to pay in case your head suffers from an injury because of a road accident when riding your dirt bike. When you buy the dirt bike, the essential thing that you should consider is your safety. It is a fact that the low-end quality helmet does not offer as much protection as that provided by the modern high-end varieties of offroad helmets.

If there is something that you should research and buy and not compromise on quality because of its price, then it is the helmet. However, that does not mean that you should buy the most expensive helmet sold in the market. Just make sure that you do not compromise on the quality just for the sake of saving some money.

Is it ok to buy a used offroad motorbike helmet?

At times it may tempt you to buy a used offroad motorbike helmet to save some money. It is essential to know that all helmets come with a shelf life because it is made using materials that deteriorate with age.

Most of the offroad helmets go waste after five years. Glue and resin are used to manufacture the helmet, and this comes in contact with the fluid in the body and starts to break down.

Also, it is essential to note that the helmet that was owned by someone else may not fit you well. Even if you have a helmet that has cracks or has a dent then, you should buy a new one immediately.


It is scary to ride your bike offroad and to protect yourself. It is essential that you do not neglect the importance of an offroad motorbike helmet. Off-roading, as the name suggests, means riding off the road, and you ride your bike off the main path. You may be riding your bike on highways, on cement surface or gravel. Typically anything that is not a regular path is offroad.

It would help if you had an offroad motorcycle helmet because it is designed to protect you when you are riding your bike off the regular path.