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What is an open face motorbike helmet?

by Tony Walker on November 17, 2019

A helmet is your saviour, and the headgear protects the drivers head when the driver meets with an accident. We do much research and end up buying the best bike that we can afford. We also make sure that we accessorize the bike as best as possible. Unfortunately, most of us leave the primary task to the last, which is to buy a helmet.

Helmets are of different kinds. There are a full-face helmet, sports bike helmet, and a motorcycle helmet. Each helmet comes with its unique features, and it offers functions that the rider desires.


Benefits of open face Motorbike helmets

An open face helmet covers the top and the sides of your head. It offers safety. However, the problem to buy motorbike helmets UK open face helmet is that it does not have a chin bar and a face shield.

If you buy an open face helmet, then you will also have to invest in goggles that protect your eyes from sand, wind, and bugs. The open face helmet is popular among bikers and police officers as well.

Here are some benefits of open face Motorbike helmets.


  • Visibility

The open face helmet gives better visibility as compared to a full face designer helmet. It provides the rider with a complete vision and does not create any obstacle.

  • Face space

The open-face helmet only covers the riders face, and this lets the rider to get proper air circulation. Also, there is no concern of sweating when the rider is wearing an open face helmet. The helmet gives adequate protection to the head and does not block any part of the face to ensure complete viewing.

  • Price

The open face helmets are priced much cheaper than a full-face helmet. It is because the full face helmet uses more material than the open face helmet. 

  • Flexibility

It is easy to wear the open face motorcycle helmets, and since it is light in weight, it offers better flexibility. The open-faced helmet is also comfortable to carry around.

  • Protection

Open as well as full-face helmets give you safety when you are riding your motorcycle. There is less chance of any injury when you buy motorbike helmets UK open side helmet and wear it. The helmet also protects the rider from harsh climatic conditions.


The features of open face motorcycle helmets

Here are some essential elements found in all the open face helmets.

  • It is quick to remove the buckles

The open-faced helmet now comes with a buckle system that can open with one click. It thus saves the rider effort and time, and it is now possible to fasten the buckles faster.

  • Sun protection visor

Buy motorcycle helmets UK to save yourself from injury. The open-face helmet comes with a screen for sun protection. The sun rays are intense in the afternoon, and they tend to dry out the eyes quickly. The visors provided in the open face helmet gives shade to the eyes, and this does not cause any obstacle and gives the rider complete view.


  • Materials used are anti-bacterial and anti-sweat

The inner element in the open face helmets is made using EPS polystyrene. The material makes the open face helmet light in weight and also breathable. The fabric absorbs the sweat and does not let the growth of bacteria. Thus one can be assured of comfort and hygiene when wearing the open face helmet.


  • Reflective material 

The open-face helmet comes with a sticker of reflective paint coating. The reflective material glows in the dark, and it warns the riders and offers you better safety. The reflectors of the helmet let the other drivers notice the rider at night, and this prevents any accident.


How to buy an open face helmet

Before you buy motorbike helmets, here are a few things that you need to be aware of.


There is a full-face helmet, an open face helmet, and a modular helmet. These three are the basic categories of helmets that are available. The open-face helmet design does not protect your face thoroughly. The chin area stays unprotected, and as per statistics, the majority of accidents impact the driver in his chin area. Thus to buy an open face helmet could be risky. However, on the other side, there are some benefits too of wearing an open face helmet when you are riding your bike. It makes the ride more enjoyable. So it may be your personal preference that you may want to buy the open face helmet.


Usage of the helmet should be determined. If you have just started to ride a bike, then you may want to stay away from the helmets that are of a high-end variety. It will only make the whole experience complicated for you. You need to buy motorbike helmets that are comfortable to wear. You can always switch to the high-end variety once you get comfortable with the helmet.


How often will you wear the helmet is the next question to ask yourself. It may not be a very crucial point, but you may still want to consider this. If you are driving your bike once a while, then you may not want to spend a lot on the helmet. However, in case you plan to ride daily, then you should invest in a high-end helmet. Again this is a personal preference based on what your budget is.



The open-faced helmets feel less stuffy as compared to the full-face helmet. They let your face stay open, making it an excellent choice for the one who feels claustrophobic on wearing a full-face helmet. Additionally, the open face helmet gives better vision and this, in turn, increases your safety.

The open-face helmet, however, loses out to the full face helmet when it comes to the protection that it offers to the face. Since a more significant part of your face stays exposed, the probability of injuries increases when you wear an open face helmet. There is an additional expense of buying goggles to protect your eyes when you are riding your motorcycle with an open face helmet. So buy motorcycle helmets UK considering all these factors.