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Airoh Helmet Garage Jet
Airoh Helmet Garage Jet
Airoh Helmet Garage Jet

    Airoh Helmet Garage Jet

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      A stylish open-face, ultra-compact helmet made by the quality Italian manufacturer Airoh. It is an entry-level helmet that doesn’t short-change riders on features. Unbeatable price and available in a variety of finishes, it comes dripping in urban cool.

      Perfect for the cafe racer, bobber, and custom urban scene - this open face takes vintage design cues in a modern thermoplastic shell. The ideal accompaniment to your look.

      It is accessible to all kinds of riders no matter their budget levels. Buy Airoh Helmet Garage Jet in UK and rest reassured that you would have found the most affordable solution of all. Entry-level doesn’t mean you don’t get the safety and stylish features you would have expected from this item.

      The Garage Jet type of helmet has been scrutinized for its suppressing abilities of the shell and has been registered as one of the safest helmets to wear, meeting the ECE22.05 and BSI standards. Overall, it is a decent helmet that can give you visibility, safety in impacts and more enhanced ventilation.

      Airoh Garage Jet Helmet and Features

      This helmet is an ultra-compact design that can adequately protect your head when riding your motorcycle. Either in a racetrack or on normal roads you will feel perfectly secured. This product features are:

      • It has a thermoplastic shell that cannot bend or melt
      • You get the ultimate protection with a 5-start SHARP rating
      • It is equipped with a micrometric fastener for your ease
      • You can choose between two different shell sizes
      • An ultra-wide visor is offered
      • Weighs approximately 1.45 Kg
      • Extremely affordable to buy

      What are motorcycle helmets made of?

      What is the type of this helmet and why it is good?

      This is an open-face helmet that can be also worn in regular city riding. More important you have the chance to change the visor membranes easily in case they have accumulated dirt and debris from riding.

      It is good for long rides as it is extremely lightweight and doesn’t make you feel tired when wearing it for a long time. 

      What type of rider is this helmet for?

      This helmet is made primarily for the cafe racer, bobber and custom urban scene. However, most of the customers are choosing it for their daily rides with their motorcycles because of its great shape that has an aerodynamic design.

      It gives you the chance to have an enhanced vision no matter the weather conditions. Above all, you can find yourself secure from possible impacts since its shell is top-rated against any possible kind of accident.

      This is the helmet that can save your life when you are riding frequently. Its integrity is in higher levels and it assists you to become a better rider day-by-day.