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Just1 J34 Adventure Adults MX Helmet
Just1 J34 Adventure Adults MX Helmet

    Just1 J34 Adventure Adults MX Helmet

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      This is the one and only full-face helmet for the adventure touring market that combines the advantages of the sports helmet with those of the regular commuting one. Just1 has finally managed to make the best combination for people that share their time between work and leisure time using their motorbike. ECE22.05 certified.

      Buy the Just1 J34 Adventure Adults MX Helmet in UK to take advantage of the full potential of this wonderful helmet. It is widely available in world markets and comes to one size that can fit all possible uses. Female and male users can also admire its perfect shape and colouring that differs from anything else you have possibly seen so far.

      It is one of the few helmets that can have a special transparent visor that keeps incoming water away. The same time it also has a vented cap to leave the sun rays outside of your sight when you are riding your motorcycle.

      The lining is one of its best features. You can easily remove it and wash it as often as you find it suitable. There is also a special cushioning embracing your soft facial tissues that feel adequately protected when wearing this helmet.

      Just1 J34 Adventure Helmet and Features

      Just1 has managed to bring to the public a one-of-a-kind helmet that protects your head and makes you feel comfortable when riding your motorcycle. This helmet features an improved ventilation system that filters the air to the chin area and removes the hot air from the rear part of the shell.

      Not to mention, that the shell is made from high-quality polycarbonic material that can give you the competitive advantage against all other helmets in the same class. It is nearly unbreakable and can withstand any possible change in the weather conditions when you are riding your motorcycle. 

      Some extra features include:

      • High resistance polycarbonate external shell that complies with regulations
      • Emergency chin pad removal system for your own safety in case of an accident
      • Double D retention system
      • Pins are always ready for Pin lock
      • Weighs less than 1.5 Kg having an extreme lightweight profile

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      Buy the Just1 J34 Adventure Adults MX Helmet in UK and thrive while you are riding your motorbike in full safety and comfort.

      What is the type of this helmet and why it is good?

      This is a full-face helmet type that can give you extreme comfort when commuting to your job. You can cover all your daily needs with this helmet and even compete to some sports like motocross when you feel like to.

      What type of rider is this helmet for?

      You can easily say that this helmet keeps on being best for the everyday commuting type of rider. However, it has the appearance to be able to be used in racetrack and motocross competitions.

      There is also the chance to use it in off-road trips that you need extra protection for your head. The extreme ventilation system will give you more chances to cope up with the long hours trip and keep your head dry when you need it the most.