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Choosing a helmet can be overwhelming if it's your first time riding, or even if you're a seasoned biker just looking for a replacement helmet or an upgrade. You're sure to find a motorcycle helmet that's right for you by following these easy steps.

You can also browse our extensive range of motorbike helmets below. We're the helmet experts, and our friendly staff are always available to assist.

Motorbike Helmet Materials and Construction

Man holding a motorbike helmet in a store

Most motorbike helmets are made of a strong and impact-resitant form of plastic called ABS or polycarbonate. Surprisingly, this is actually the same material as Lego bricks are made out of - the strength of this material should be apparent to anyone who has ever stood on one!

Some premium helmets use other materials such as carbon fibre or kevlar, which the military uses to produce bulletproof vests. High-end helmets such as these need to be lightweight and still resist very high impact forces likely to be found if you're a motorbike racer.

Inside the shell, you're likely to find comfortable foam padding with premium breathable fabrics designed to keep the helmet cool and to wick away sweat.

Getting the Right Fit

Man looking at the rack of motorbike helmets in the store

Lots of people can be a little nervous about buying a helmet online, and rightly so. The right fit is important for lots of reasons in a motorbike helmet, most of all safety.

The good news is that helmet manufacturers have your back, and most helmets are made with an almost 'one size fits all' design. While you can find small, medium, large and extra-large helmets, which of course can facilitate variations in head size, getting the fit spot on like a tailored suit isn't always necessary. 

Inside the helmet, you'll find adjustable straps to keep the helmet in place, and the material inside the helmet is designed to adapt to your specific head size within the first week of wear. 

So if you wore a specific helmet size during your CBT or test and you found it comfortable, go ahead and order that. But most people won't go far wrong with a medium or large helmet, which is usually a good fit for most.