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Airoh Helmet Mr Strada Full Face

    Airoh Helmet Mr Strada Full Face

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      Best suited for young riders or pillions, the Airoh Mr Strada is a comfortable and feature-packed option to introduce kids to biking. Fully certified to ECE22.05 safety standards, you can be sure the Mr Strada is the best option for your little rider.  

      Full face helmets can be considered as the traditional helmets as nowadays people are shifting toward the flip-up or modular helmets more often. However, the main work of a helmet is to protect you while riding, and full-face helmets are more than capable of doing that. But having some extra features can never hurt, right? So, let's have a look at what Airoh Helmet Mr Strada Full Face offers to customers for a price tag of near about 100 pounds.

      Airoh Helmet Mr Strada Features

      The Airoh Helmet Mr Strada Full Face uses the high-quality thermoplastic shell for durability during impacts. And, this shell also helps in keeping the interior of the helmet worn during summers. The ventilation system helps you to stay comfy and cool as it maintains the airflow in the helmet quite well.


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      Additionally, the wider visor helps in viewing a wider area while riding a bike. The interior of the helmet is full, padded from all sides to keep you comfortable during long rides. Also, Airoh has done a good job with the quality of essential parts such as the chin bar of the helmet to make it more solid.

      One of the major reasons why customers buy Airoh Helmet Mr Strada Full Face in UK is its safety. As the helmet uses a micro retention system to make it comfortable and safe even during harsh conditions.

      Why Airoh Helmet Mr Strada Full Face

      This product by Airoh is a full-face helmet, and with high-quality safety features, it still retains the modern-day sporty design. Thus, making it useful for both touring or sports biking according to your needs.

      Although the helmet comes in a single colour, it is a unique and elegant design that makes it loved by customers. Moreover, it is available in several sizes which fills the void left by lack of colours in this helmet.

      Final Verdict

      That wraps up our review of the Airoh Helmet Mr Strada Full Face, and we hope you loved the helmet. If you are looking to try new options in helmets then you can buy Airoh Helmet Mr Strada Full Face in 2020. Despite the fact that it lacks colour designs, there are plenty of features that compensate for that one con in the product.