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Airoh Helmet Rides Flip
Airoh Helmet Rides Flip
Airoh Helmet Rides Flip
Airoh Helmet Rides Flip
Airoh Helmet Rides Flip

    Airoh Helmet Rides Flip

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      If you're looking for a helmet that can be used as both a full-face, or open-face helmet, look no further. Airoh has always been known for manufacturing good quality helmets at an affordable price tag. And, the Airoh Helmet Rides Flip is no different. If you buy Airoh Helmet Rides Flip in 2020, it will cost you somewhere around 150 pounds. Don’t worry; the price tag justifies itself with several features.

      Airoh Rides Flip Features

      In any helmet, the outer shell is the most essential part as it is responsible for taking all the shocks and making a helmet more durable. In this helmet, Airoh has used high-quality thermoplastic to make the shell. Moreover, the biggest highlight of this helmet is it can be used as both an open-face helmet and a full-face helmet.

      What's the best way to clean this helmet?

      Another reason to buy Airoh Helmet Rides Flip in 2020 is due to its great side comfy interior. As it is fully padded from all sides. Additionally, the helmet uses a lever system to help you in switching back forth from full-face to open-face face helmet or vice versa. The helmet’s construction makes it good for versatility. In simple terms, it is great in both the open-face format and full-face format.

      The company has done a good job in keeping the helmet’s weight considerably lesser as compared to other helmets in this niche. Usually, modular helmets weigh over 4lbs and this helmet weight near about 3.7 lbs. 

      Lastly, the chin bar and overall construction of the helmet is sturdy and can withstand strong impacts, which makes it one of the safest helmets in this price range. 


      Why Airoh Helmet Rides Flip?

      Most of the modular helmets have one flaw in them; not enough designs. On the contrary, most customers buy Airoh Helmet Rides Flip in UK due to its variance in designs and colour options. Moreover, Airoh has implemented its time in giving this helmet a sporty touch. Thus, it can be used for regular bikes or sportbikes.

      On top of that, the helmet can be bought for different sizes. Starting from XS to XL, which is amazing considering the fact that this is a modular helmet.

      Final Verdict

      We hope now you know everything about the Airoh Helmet Rides Flip. And, if you want to buy a new helmet in the future, then this helmet should be on your list. You should consider one point before you decide to buy Airoh Helmet Rides Flip in 2020; it might feel a bit odd than the traditional full-face helmets. All things considered, the design, features, modular type, and most importantly, the safety features make it a top-notch motorbike helmet.