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Airoh Helmet St 701 Full Face
Airoh Helmet St 701 Full Face
Airoh Helmet St 701 Full Face
Airoh Helmet St 701 Full Face
Airoh Helmet St 701 Full Face

    Airoh Helmet St 701 Full Face

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      This is the carbon fiber and Kevlar combination full face helmet by Airoh. ACU Gold and ECE22.05 standards. The famous Italian design house has finally managed to produce an excellent quality helmet that is good both for touring and sports use. Pinlock ready.

      Buy the Airoh ST701 Full Face Helmet in UK and thrive with the increased capabilities that it offers to you. This helmet can be worn from male and female riders with the same ease and efficiency. It has a stylish shell coming in multiple colours and imprints to make you the centre of the attention.

      The Airoh ultra integral ventilation system keeps the inside secure, and the nose deflector efficiently directs your breath downwards to reduce fogging. Not to mention, the hypoallergenic, dry wick lining has extra cushioning on it and gives you the chance to remove it anytime you wish. It provides you with elevated hygiene levels since you can wash it as often as you like, as it is machine washable. This is one of the most complete helmets you can possibly purchase online, coming with the well-known Airoh satisfaction guarantee.

      Airoh ST701 Helmet and Features

      The ST701 Full Face Helmet is one of a kind for its durability and safety. European and American transportation committees have scrutinized it to major impacts while speeding on your motorbike. It has been shown that you will be safe even though you fall to the road with extreme velocity.

      Buy the Airoh ST700 Full Face Helmet in UK and find the best companion to the motorbike road trips you take. It has a highly sophisticated ventilation system that keeps on working even when you deal with a vast wind blowing.

      There is also the chance to enhance your communication skills with the Bluetooth kit that comes with it. Its connectivity to your cellphone keeps on being monumental. Take a quick look at its features:

      • Windtunnel designed for ultimate performance
      • It offers a wide vision field
      • Keeps on being extremely lightweight
      • Outer shell carbon for greater endurance
      • There is a wind stop design on
      • Airoh Ultra integral ventilation system makes your riding extremely comfortable
      • Comes in several sizes for you to choose the right one

      How to clean your motorbike helmet


      What is the type of this helmet and why it is good?

      The Airoh ST700 Full Face Helmet is an item that encloses the experience of Airoh from many years of helmets development. It is better to be used in city streets motorcycle commutes. However, you can also try to use it in racetracks where you need a highly efficient helmet to prevent fatal head damages.

      It is really good for you since it gives you an enhanced visor that guarantees your clear vision even under harsh weather conditions. The outer shell is practically unbreakable, and you can also enjoy perfect chin protection.

      What type of rider is this helmet for?

      Ultimately, this helmet is made for city riders. There is no limitation about wearing it in racetracks, but it may look a little awkward to the other competitors. In the city street it can prevent you from inhaling car emission gases since it has a filter on the ventilation system.

      The visor can prevent any possible eye damage from the action of the UV radiation as well as the lights of the opposite traffic. Keep on wearing this helmet to feel secure and waterproof against any possible weather alteration.