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Shot Furious Alert MX Helmet
Shot Furious Alert MX Helmet
Shot Furious Alert MX Helmet
Shot Furious Alert MX Helmet
Shot Furious Alert MX Helmet
Shot Furious Alert MX Helmet
Shot Furious Alert MX Helmet

    Shot Furious Alert MX Helmet

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      The Shot Furious Alert full-face helmet is unique in concept for all the motocross riders that are willing to have the best affordable protection. It is quite easy to put it on and off your head and it can adequately protect your facial soft tissues. ACU Gold and ECE22.05 certified.

      Buy the Shot Furious Alert MX Helmet in 2020 and take advantage of the great discounted price. This helmet can ensure you to be stylish every time you race since it has some of the most impressive imprints you can possibly find online. 

      You can easily put on your goggles when riding your motorbike. The helmet keeps on being visor free which makes you a lot more confident that airflow is going to be passing directly to your head.

      It is lightweight and its polycarbonate shell may not be easily scratched or broken. This is extremely important since it can give maximum protection to your head when experiencing an accidental fall from your motorbike.

      Shot Furious Alert MX Helmet and Features

      It is a full-face helmet which can give you more for less money spent. You will have the joy to get a high-quality lining which is reinforced with special cushioning. This cushioning supports the perfect fit of the helmet under any circumstances.

      Buy the Shot Furious Alert MX Helmet in 2020 for another great reason. It can provide you the chin support you were always looking for. The innovative chin bar has been placed wisely to protect your chin area from any type of impact.

      There are several other features that would be useful to know:

      • Comes in many colours and sizes
      • Visor absence keeps on making it more breathable
      • Gives you the chance to wear your own goggles
      • Keeps on being more lightweight than other counterparts in the same class
      • Has a removable and washable lining to keep your hygiene in higher levels

      How to clean your motocross helmet


      What is the type of this helmet and why it is good?

      We are talking about a full-face type of helmet that it’s good because of the protection features it can provide you. The shell has been tested in many labs worldwide and has been awarded from not breaking under any conditions.

      The aerodynamic shape can give you more speed and an enhanced acceleration that is always needed when performing motocross. This is the helmet that is going to become your best companion in the off-road trips you may be taking. It can be as adventurous as you want it to be and then you may easily store it in your trunk.

      What type of rider is this helmet for?

      This helmet is best for motocross riders and other off-road motorbike riders. However, the short trips in the town using your motorbike cannot be banned. You will be able to wear this helmet in city street riding since you will get the maximum breathability.

      There is always the chance to have an air filter combined to the chin bar. The Bluetooth connectivity to your cellphone is also a great feature for this helmet that can help you wear it during your daily commutes.