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Shot Furious Counter Kids MX Helmet
Shot Furious Counter Kids MX Helmet
Shot Furious Counter Kids MX Helmet
Shot Furious Counter Kids MX Helmet

    Shot Furious Counter Kids MX Helmet

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      Shot has been giving you one of the best helmets that you can find online. This helmet keeps on having the most impressive colours and imprints on the market. The same time it gives you the assurance and safety that only a well reputable company like Shot can offer you. ACU Gold and ECE22.05 certified.

      Buy Shot Furious Counter MX Helmet in 2020 and expect to get the highest quality standards you may find online. This helmet is covering your front face with a chin bar on the bottom to pose a physical barrier to all kinds of impacts.

      There is the polycarbonate shell that helps to give you advanced safety through an accident on the road. This is the kind of helmet that you can wear in city street rides as well as off-road trips. The lack of visor is giving better breathability to your head. Not to mention, that there is also the chance to pick up your favourite goggles and wear them while you are speeding on your motorcycle.

      Shot Furious Counter MX Helmet and Features

      Be introduced to a unique helmet that prevents you from getting tired even after many hours of riding. That is thanks to its lightweight design, unique among the competition. The extra durable foamy material that can absorb the pressure from the ground in case of impact is something you can only find in this helmet. This layer is located beneath the hard shell to keep you comfortable when you most need it.

      There is also a special sweat-absorbing cushioning that is part of the removable lining. It can keep your hygiene levels to the highest point since lining can be removed and washed as often as you need.

      Other features include:

      • Adjustable vented peak
      • Chin bar insert is shock-absorbent
      • It is equipped with chin, forehead and rear exhaust vents
      • You get a polyurethane highly resistant varnish finishing
      • It is EU certified for extreme safety
      • Weights less than 1.35Kg and can be carried with you

      Buy the Shot Furious Counter MX Helmet in 2020 and get the most affordable solution to your daily adventures while riding your motorcycle.

      How to clean your motorbike helmet


      What is the type of this helmet and why it is good?

      You can get a perfect helmet that can give you assurance of your head protection in impacts. It is good since it is lightweight and comfortable. It gives you the chance to keep your head always dry even in long-distance trips.

      There is the chance to become the man of the week! When wearing it you would be greatly appreciated by your peers, since its innovative design fascinates everybody.

      What type of rider is this helmet for?

      There is no reason to buy this helmet just for short trips in town. This helmet is primarily made for racing and off-road trips. That is why the manufacturer decided to remove the visor and give you the chance to wear your own goggle that is by far more useful and fashionable.

      Get this helmet to protect the soft tissues of your facial skull and many more. You can also feel comfortable and breathable while wearing it. Make sure you are always carrying it with you. It comes in many sizes for you to get the one that better fits you.