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Shot Furious Riot MX Helmet
Shot Furious Riot MX Helmet

    Shot Furious Riot MX Helmet

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      As its name implies this Shot Furious Helmet keeps on being the ideal gift for riot riders that have lots of rages inside. Buy the Shot Furious Riot MX Helmet in 2020 and give yourself a chance to differ from all others. ACU gold and ECE22.05 approved.

      This helmet is lightweight enough to keep it on your shoulders for multiple hours. Then you are having the most magical colours and imprints on the outer shell. It is a tremendous experience that makes you the centre of attention among your peers.

      The shell is made from polycarbonate and Kevlar fibres that can provide you with improved protection in the adverse event of a serious accident. There is also an adjustable vented peak that can block the sun rays falling directly to your eyes when riding your motorcycle.

      You also get the chance to wear your own goggles inside this helmet. The absence of the traditional visor makes it easier for you to ventilate your head even in the most pressing conditions. Overall, this is a unique full-face helmet to wear in off-road trips as well as motocross racing.

      Shot Furious Riot MX Helmet and Features

      A full-face helmet that gives you all the possible benefits you need without having to pay top pounds for that. Buy the Shot Furious Riot MX Helmet in 2020 and have an affordable ride.

      The outer shell has an exterior layer that is unbreakable and an interior one that is made from foamy material to keep your head comfortable when wearing the helmet. The interior lining is made from quality fabric to absorb all the excessive sweating that you may secrete during the motocross race.

      Some of the famous Shot firm features do also apply here:

      • Lightweight design (less than 1.3Kg)
      • Furious imprints that make you different from other riders
      • Aluminium screws to deal with any rust and corrosion issues
      • Comes in three different sizes to easily fit you
      • Certified by all relevant European and American authorities

      How to clean your motorbike helmet

      What is the type of this helmet and why it is good?

      It is the type of full-face helmet that you were always looking for. The chin bar is always there to prevent any possible facial injuries. Not to mention, that there is an air filter to the frontal air ventilation system. This helps you to breathe only purified air which is valuable when you are in dusty environments like the motocross racetracks.

      The helmet is also good for being so lightweight and giving you such a firm fit thanks to the improved cushioning on the inner lining. 

      What type of rider is this helmet for?

      It is an optimum choice for the off-road riders. They can wear their own goggles and have improved vision and excellent ventilation standards. This helmet can keep their heads safe and sound when riding the motorcycle.

      However, you can also wear it if you are an occasional city street user. Riders that are commuting in short distances may find it easy to wear it as well. The helmet features some waterproof abilities that assist you to wear it in adverse weather conditions.