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Shot Furious Spectre MX Helmet
Shot Furious Spectre MX Helmet
Shot Furious Spectre MX Helmet
Shot Furious Spectre MX Helmet
Shot Furious Spectre MX Helmet

    Shot Furious Spectre MX Helmet

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      Lately, we have seen the most adventurous full-face helmets provided by Shot, the worldwide leader in helmets. Buy the Shot Furious Spectre MX Helmet in UK to become the expert in off-road trips. ECE22.05 and ACU gold approved.

      This helmet is made from polycarbonate parts to improve the pressure resistance of the outer shell. It is practically unbreakable under any impact circumstances. The visor keeps on being removed from the manufacturer to give you the chance for better facial ventilation.

      However, the Shot brand has kept the air ducts to the front as well as the airflow exhausts in the rear part of the helmet. This can give you a solution to the problem you may have with head overheating. 

      Finally, you get the chin bar to protect you from direct impacts to the ground when riding your motorcycle. It is a life-saving part that can absorb tons of pressure when you are falling during an accident.

      Shot Furious Spectre MX Helmet and Features

      This is the full-face helmet of choice for the motocross riders. You can choose among many sizes to find the one that is more comfortable for you. Then you have the chance to find the colour and imprint that intrigues and fascinates you the most. 

      Buy the Shot Furious Spectre MX Helmet in UK and thrive among your peers. The outer shell can give you the protection you need. Moreover, the lining is more comfortable than ever before. It has been equipped with more cushioning that can embrace your face and give you adequate protection as well as stabilize the helmet to its position.

      The lining can be also easily removed and washed as many times as you like through the year. Some of the helmet’s great features are as follows:

      • One-piece motocross helmet
      • Shock absorber chin bar insert for your safety
      • Interior liner is fully removable and washable
      • It has a polyurethane durable varnish finishing
      • You can take advantage of the chin and forehead vents
      • Gives you the chance to wear your own goggles

      How to clean your motorbike helmet


      What is the type of this helmet and why it is good?

      This is a full-face helmet type that can give you the maximum protection you need when riding your motorcycle. It is good because it has been thoroughly tested to be unbreakable in massive impacts. You can also feel liberated by the absence of a special visor that gives you an increased airflow when ridding.

      Plus, you are having the best aerodynamic profile that enables you to accelerate easier when wearing it.

      What type of rider is this helmet for?

      It is a helmet for the adventurous riders that are trying to perform motocross or any other similar type of motorbike racing. Some of them are simply going off-road to enjoy nature. This helmet can give them the independence they need as well as the protection they deserve.

      It is a lightweight helmet that never aggravates your neck muscles. Not to mention, that you can always remove the liners and have an elevated hygiene profile. The ventilation keeps on being supreme and gives you a sense of freedom and liberation when riding your motorcycle.