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Stealth HD117 Adult Full Face Helmet
Stealth HD117 Adult Full Face Helmet
Stealth HD117 Adult Full Face Helmet
Stealth HD117 Adult Full Face Helmet

    Stealth HD117 Adult Full Face Helmet

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      An innovative full-face helmet with an all-carbon design for the most demanding riders. A double EPS inner layer makes for a lightweight but incredibly protective construction. This helmet meets ECE22.05 certification. Removable and washable Coolmax dry-wick inner liners ensure rider comfort and hygiene. 

      Buy the Stealth HD117 Adult Full Face Helmet in UK and comply with all the country regulations for the full-face helmets. This one is made with the most scrutinized methods from the British and European Authorities. The chin bar area is reinforced to give you better protection in case of an impact that involves the facial skull.

      Not to mention, that there is a special type of visor which has at least six locking positions. This visor is transparent, fog and scratch-resistant. It can bar the UV radiation from reaching your retina in your eyes and destroy your vision. 

      The ventilation system is one of the helmet’s best features. It has several air intakes in the front and some exhausts in the rear part of the helmet that ensure proper airflow to your head when you most need it. Then you will be feeling comfortable to wear this helmet as much time as you may need to commute on your motorbike.

      Helmet and Features

      It is a helmet that is vastly affordable, and you can easily order it online. Buy the Stealth HD117 Adult Full Face Helmet in UK and make sure you will spend fewer pounds on maintenance. This helmet requires the least maintenance. 

      All its parts are stainless steel and cannot corrode or rust during wet weather conditions. The inner linings are breathable and made of quality fabric that is hypoallergenic for your facial skin. The extra cushioning applied there gives more stability to the helmet while you are speeding up with your motorbike.

      Some other features include:

      • ECE22.05 approved
      • Lightweight polycarbonate design
      • Interior drop-down visor
      • Removable and washable Coolmax dry-wick liners
      • Lightweight design (Less than 1.2Kg)
      • Comes into many sizes from XS to XXL

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      What is the type of this helmet and why it is good?

      This is a type of full-face helmet that can easily protect you from bad weather when riding your motorcycle. It is good since it offers unique protection to the user and increased safety in case of an accident. 

      There is also a great comfort associated with its use. The lightweight design alongside the perfect colouring and shape can give you a competitive advantage against your peers.

      What type of rider is this helmet for?

      It is a kind of helmet that better matches the everyday commuters in a city environment. Its shape keeps on being basic in appearance. However, the visor is always there to give you perfect vision to the road and reflect all lights coming to you when you are riding through the night.

      This helmet can give you the chance to ride your motorbike for a long time since the lining as well as its weight are convenient for you. There is always the chance to improve the ventilation or connect this helmet to your cellphone and enjoy enhanced communication when riding.