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Stealth HD127 Razor Kids Full Face Helmet
Stealth HD127 Razor Kids Full Face Helmet
Stealth HD127 Razor Kids Full Face Helmet

    Stealth HD127 Razor Kids Full Face Helmet

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      This is an incredible helmet for your kids, who will love its colours and shapes. A strong thermoplastic shell gives optimum protection in a helmet that fully meets the ECE22.05 certification. Buy the Stealth HD127 Razor Kids Full Face Helmet in UK and your kids are going to love riding your motorcycle with you. 

      It is perfectly designed for children’s faces, having more thorough protection for the soft facial tissues. There is a chin bar which cannot be compromised in case of an accidental fall. Then you have a stable visor that has at least six different locking positions for your child’s comfort.

      This visor keeps on being transparent and durable even under the harshest weather conditions. Not to mention, that it bans the harmful UV radiation from reaching your child’s eyes. Then the internal lining is of top-quality and can be easily removed and washed, anytime you feel like.

      The outer shell is made of durable polycarbonate that is tested to be unbreakable under any circumstances. This is the most lightweight helmet you could possibly find for your kids since it weighs less than 1.2 Kg, making it comfortable to wear this for multiple hours.

      Stealth HD217 Razor Kids Helmet and Features

      It’s a helmet that comes in various colours and shape so that your children may impress their friends when wearing it. Buy the Stealth HD127 Razor Kids Full Face Helmet in UK and give your children a helmet-wearing habit that would accompany them for the rest of their lives.

      This helmet has several air ducts to allow the airflow passing through its mass. Those ducts are leading to several air exhausts in the rear side. The kids are going to have their heads dry no matter how much time they are wearing this helmet.

      Not to mention, the air filter that is integrated to the chin bar and gives your kids only the best quality of air when passing through traffic. Some of the features include:

      • Removable and washable dry-wick inner liners with Coolmax technology
      • Ratchet fastening
      • 6 position scratch-resistant visor
      • Lightweight design (less than 1.2Kg)
      • Approved by all relevant European Safety Authorities

      What is the type of this helmet and why it is good?

      As you can see, this is a type of full-face helmet which keeps on being durable in any adverse event. Not to mention, that it is waterproof and can keep your child safe and dry when riding under heavy rain.

      It can easily be stored in your trunk and needs less maintenance than other helmets do.

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      What type of rider is this helmet for?

      This helmet keeps on being a city commuting helmet to assist your kids to reach their destination safely when they are riding your motorcycle as co-drivers with you. There is also the possibility to make a short trip using this helmet since your kids are not going to be aggravated.

      You can easily pick up the right colour and imprint that will fascinate your kids. The linings are of high quality to ensure proper fit and best tolerance for your children. This is the type of full-face helmet they would be happy to wear when they are commuting with you.