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Stealth HD204 Aliens Kids MX Helmet
Stealth HD204 Aliens Kids MX Helmet
Stealth HD204 Aliens Kids MX Helmet
Stealth HD204 Aliens Kids MX Helmet
Stealth HD204 Aliens Kids MX Helmet
Stealth HD204 Aliens Kids MX Helmet
Stealth HD204 Aliens Kids MX Helmet

    Stealth HD204 Aliens Kids MX Helmet

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      Another innovative helmet for your kids, delivered by the Stealth brand that has been specializing in child helmets. Fully ACU Gold and ECE22.05 safety certified this is the perfect helmet to introduce your children to motorsport. Buy the Stealth HD204 Aliens Kids MX Helmet in 2020 and gain a lot from the cooperation of your children in wearing helmets while you are riding with them on your motorcycle.

      It comes with a dual-density EPS internal layer to ensure optimum protection and vivid colours and imprints that will amaze your children. This helmet looks like a racetrack helmet that has no visor. There is also the chance to adjust goggles for your kids if they feel like they are adventurous like you are when riding your motorcycle. In case you are going off-road this set of goggles is necessary to keep dust and mud debris away from your children’s eyes.

      The helmet comes with enhanced chin protection and is more breathable than other counterparts in the same category. Its shell is made from a combination of Kevlar and polycarbonates which make it clearly unbreakable. Not to mention, that it is completely waterproof to external weather conditions, giving the chance to enjoy your ride even under heavy rain.

      Stealth HD204 Kids Helmet and Features

      It’s a helmet that you kids are going to love. First, they are going to feel stylish and become the centre of attention among their peers. Then if you buy the Stealth Hd204 Aliens Kids MX Helmet in 2020 you will gain from the massive discounts that the brand has announced for this year.

      The inner lining is durable and features more cushioned areas than ever before. This adds on to the comfort felt by your child when it is constantly wearing it. Not to mention, that the ventilation system keeps their head dry all the time.

      Lots of other features are included:

      • The helmet is ACU GOLD approved
      • It is also approved by ECE European standards
      • It has removable dry-wick inner liners with Coolmax technology
      • There is a high endurance polycarbonate shell
      • Double-D fastening for extra safety

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      What is the type of this helmet and why it is good?

      You can get this helmet in a real bargain price. This is a full-face type of helmet directed to the children population that accompanies their parents on their motorbikes. It is great since it can offer a motocross appearance to your children that is appreciated by their friends.

      But above all, it can offer then extreme safety in case of an impact. Additionally, it provides the most extreme comfortable fit you can possibly find in that category.

      What type of rider is this helmet for?

      This helmet keeps on being suitable for kids that are following their parents to their daily commutes. However, they can also follow their parents to their adventures in off-road trips and motocross tracks since this helmet could easily support such an option.

      The absence of the visor makes the helmet a lot more aggressive for the kids that like to feel so. Moreover, the chin bar that has been reinforced can give your children maximum safety in case something goes wrong while riding the motorcycle.