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Cafe Racer Heavy Cotton T-Shirt
Cafe Racer Heavy Cotton T-Shirt
Cafe Racer Heavy Cotton T-Shirt
Cafe Racer Heavy Cotton T-Shirt
Cafe Racer Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

    Cafe Racer Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

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      This is one of the best T-shirts you can possibly find online. Buy the Cafe Racer Heavy Cotton T-Shirt in 2020 that will give you the chance to compete in races with your motorbike. Most of the times you will be the proud winner. This could be done thanks to the best quality of this T-shirt that can be easily combined with the highest quality helmets and motorbike accessories like gloves and goggles.

      It is one of the most important garments to have on you when riding your motorcycle. You can have a dry torso when you are wearing it and speeding up. Thanks to its straight cotton synthesis it can easily add on to your aerodynamic profile. 

      Yet you will be able to accelerate easier and reach the top speed limit that is allowed in your territory. This T-shirt comes in many sizes and shapes to have it always with you in any possible occasion. Most of the motorists are using it to their leisure time since it can be worn in any type of social event and meeting.

      T-shirt and Features

      This T-shirt keeps on being innovative to most of its features. It can give you the best breathability you have ever felt. The micropores that are there on the cotton fibre synthesis let the air passing through. It can lower the temperature of your body a lot easier than any other garment.

      Buy the Cafe Racer Heavy Cotton T-Shirt in 2020 and be the first to know the difference of riding your bike with this garment through nasty weather. Provided that the British Islands are always having rainy weather, this T-shirt can provide you with extra waterproof protection. This is a prerequisite when you need to purchase a garment that will accompany you to your excursions on the off-road trips with your motorbike.

      Other features include:

      • 100% cotton
      • Seamless twin needle collar.
      • Taped neck and shoulders.
      • Tubular body.
      • Twin needle sleeves and hem.
      • Tear out label.
      • Weight 180gsm
      • Screen printed in the UK

      What is the type of this T-shirt and why it is good?

      This T-shirt is the type of V-shaped neck tees that give you authority and style when you are riding your motorcycle. They are great to wear when you are having a jacket on. The T-shirt may accumulate your sweat and give you a dry torso when you most need it.

      What type of rider is this T-shirt for?

      For sure, we can say that this T-shirt has been made for the easy riders. This means you can wear it when riding your motorbike for exhibition reasons. Some of the users are wearing it for competing in motocross or other racetracks.

      There are also some riders who want to wear it to off-road trips. This happens because the cotton fibres have the ability to accumulate dust and debris from the air that is not attaching to your sensitive skin. 

      This means that you will keep yourself intact from harmful factors that are always there to make your life difficult on the motorbike.