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Motorbike Phone Holder
Motorbike Phone Holder
Motorbike Phone Holder
Motorbike Phone Holder
Motorbike Phone Holder
Motorbike Phone Holder

    Motorbike Phone Holder

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      UNIVERSAL MOTORBIKE PHONE HOLDER - Fits all current Apple and Android phones!

      You'll never ride the same way again with sat-nav, texting, and phone calls all at your fingertips. This secure locking motorbike phone holder clamps firmly to your handlebars or wing mirror, turning any bike into a smart bike

      Get all the convenience available to car users while doing what you love. Unlock the power of the phone in your pocket, because even the most expensive motorbike electronics packages can't match the versatility and convenience of the smartphone you already own. 

      • Sat-nav and Google maps: Never pull over again - perfect for everyday navigation, adventure touring and ideal for delivery drivers.
      • Music streaming: No more "set and forget", control your playlists right from your dash.
      • Phone calls and texts: You won't miss a single message. For those urgent notifications that just can't wait - you'll see them right away so you can pull over and take them on the spot.

      360-degree full movement rotation gives you the freedom to choose your device orientation on the road. What's more, dynamic bearings in the stem allow for a full spectrum of movement, giving the most ergonomic viewing experience and preventing sun glare.

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      A charger is a perfect complement, keep your phone charged and ready for use every time you ride. Waterproof and dustproof with easy installation (video walkthrough provided)

      Industry leading security

      We know that your smartphone is the centre of your life. Make it the centre of your ride, too. Years of research and testing has led us to create a universal motorbike phone holder with ultimate protection. 

      We fashioned this holder from durable polycarbonate thermoplastic. Your handset is held securely in a 4-point locking rubberised cradle, adjustable depending on your device size. Extraordinarily, this complex mechanism is easy to adjust with a single screw located on the rear of the assembly. A locking nut allows you to seal the device in place until you're ready to take your phone out again.

      This product clamps securely to your handlebars or wing mirror using a variable-aperture rubberised grip. A blued steel screw then threads into a washer through a pre-drilled hole, tightening the fastener like a vice and ensuring stability for your ride. 

      Alternatively, we have provided a bracket with screws for installation into any pre-existing accessory hardpoints on your motorbike's handlebars.

      With potholes and speed bumps becoming ever more prevalent in today's challenging road environment, you can be confident that your smartphone or phablet will be held in place securely when you need it most.

      What motorbikes can I use this holder with?

      This motorbike phone holder is suitable for all motorbikes and scooters. Whether your ride is a 125cc or a powerful supersport, a 50cc or a touring monster, your phone will be right at home. 

      The fastening is adjustable depending on your handlebar width. 

      Smartphone Compatibility

      Our holder is compatible with ALL current Apple and Android smartphones, from 4 to 7 inches screen size. The device cradle is adjustable in size and tightens around your handset with a secure 4-corner locking grip. 

      The holder has additional settings to accommodate cases, battery cases and screen protectors.


      Technical Specifications

      • Construction: Polycarbonate thermoplastic with blued steel screw construction
      • Compatible brands: Universal
      • Size: Device cradle adjustable from 64x120mm to 98x189mm, to fit all current phones from 4 to 7 inches screen size.
      • Bracket: Secure clamp or screw-tight brackets both provided 
      • Weight: 94gms


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